There’s me in the back…

Why am I writing a music blog? I don’t know…

My name is Alex. I’ve been into music since I can remember and have played instruments just as long. I’m 20 years old (halfway to 40 as my mates told me) and am studying Philosophy and Theology at Bristol Uni. The picture up there was taken at the end of my gap year, during which I studied music performance at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford. Not exactly your normal gap year but don’t panic because I still managed to ‘find myself’.

It sounds cliche but, in terms of my music taste, I really am into everything. I struggle to definitively say what my favourite genres are but Rap, Rock and Soul are definitely up there. I play drums and the guitar to a pretty solid level but never did grades so can’t really put a label on it, although I did get a Diploma in drums last year so that gives you a rough idea of my level.

In this blog I’ll be doing a few posts a month about something musical (surprise surprise). Could be a gig I’ve gone to, album I’ve listened to or just an opinion I have on an artist; Anything really.

Not much more for me to say really. I hope you enjoy reading what is to come and would love to hear anything you guys have to say as well, so go ahead and leave some comments.

Welcome to Ahead Of The Beat!





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